November 11, 2011


7857 Girard Ave.
La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 459-CUPS
Twitter: @CupsLJ

It's about time I paid tribute to my favourite cupcake shop of all time - Cups! They are the one and only Green Certified® bakery in San Diego, and in my opinion, the one with the best selection. Their cupcake flavours vary by day of the week, so every Monday has a certain set of flavours, every Tuesday has its own set, and so on. The best part is that the cupcakes come in mini sizes too, so you can buy a few to sample flavours!

My personal favourite (one that I have not been able to find anywhere else)? The Brûlée-J - a crème brûleé cupcake (pictured on the right above) that has a delicious and very real crème brûleé top - yes, including the burnt sugar - with a fluffy cake bottom. TO DIE FOR. Trust me, if you're in SD and have a hankering for cupcakes... this is the place to go. Wanna know a secret? I like these even better than Sprinkles cupcakes. Shh, don't tell.

Darn, I just missed 11/11/11, 11:11 by a few minutes. All jokes aside, today is a day that we remember those who fought for our freedom. I'll be remembering both Canadian and American troops. Thank you.


  1. I like Cups but I am a huge Sprinkles fan! However I just went to Georgetown Cupcake in D.C. and I find that the others are lucky it doesn't exist in San Diego!

    My fav flavor at Cups was the maple bacon cupcake :)

  2. Oh cupcakes! Those look so delicious! Got to love a good cupcake! Thanks for your super sweet comment to :)

  3. YUM. bookmarking this place on yelp! :) xx

  4. ah i would love to try the crème brûleé cupcake! it looks so good.

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