February 07, 2012


This morning, I discovered a gem while catching up on my Twitter feed - Helloberry bracelets! They are a Toronto-based (woohoo for Canadian retailers!) e-shop on Etsy. I absolutely love their bracelets because they are pretty much the perfect combination of DIY and on-trend! Check out some of their products below:

SOURCE: Helloberry

Aren't they awesome? Head on over to their Etsy page to see more! I haven't purchased any yet, but you can be sure I'll be ordering one (or ten) soon. Better act fast - I literally refreshed the page within 20 minutes, and the black/gold bracelet (first photo above) was already sold out! I'm going to have to wait for that one to come back. Be sure to check out their Twitter page as well. Which Helloberry bracelets are you coveting?


I really appreciate you coming by! Thank you :)